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Restaurant Bukulja • Stublina Ltd

The Bukulja restaurant project consists of three units in terms of thermotechnics:
• heating, air conditioning and ventilation of the restaurant and accommodation area;
• preparation of hot sanitary water with a solar system;
• ventilation, heating and cooling of the kitchen.

The primary heating of the restaurant and the smaller part of the apartment is achieved by underfloor heating, which is controlled by room thermostats – correctors by zone.

Cooling, ventilation and additional heating of the space are achieved through an air system with individually controlled recuperators in the restaurant area.

Parapet fan-coil devices have been installed for cooling and additional heating of the apartment. The Mitsubishi Zubadan heat pump was designed as an energy source.

For the kitchen, we installed a complete air heating, cooling and ventilation system, including an air conditioning chamber. The system is supported by a cascade of two heat pumps.


The heating of two bivalent accumulators of hot sanitary water is done via a solar field of six collectors, as well as an additional heat pump, and there are immersed electric heaters for emergency operation.


Stublina Ltd


July – December 2022.