Services of CIRA Ltd

We are dealing with projecting and building of all sorts of mechanical installation of central heating and air conditioning in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Residental and commercial objects

Our respected clients are offered a large spectrum of heating systems, air conditioning and aeration – almost all classical as far as the modern thermodynamic energy efficient solutions implemented in our country as well as in Europe.

Classical and thermo-technical systems are represented by radiator and floor heating,  and usage of hot sanitary water in which the boilers on solid fuel, electrical, gas and oil are used.

Floor and wall heating are considered as the modern and efficient systems as far as Jan-koil devices and air heating and cooling, supported by gas condensing boilers, boilers and furnaces using pallets, split inverter and multi-split systems, air-water thermal pumps. ground-water, and water-water pumps, as far as prearrangement of hot water for solar systems as a heating backup.

Partnership and distribution

Our company has been developing a partnership with the Bosch Company for more than 15 years, as the world’s leading manufacturer of boilers and equipment for thermotechnics. Our partnership is reflected through the distribution of commercial and industrial products as well as cooperation on large projects and industrial systems.

There are over 1.5000 clients in the Arandjelovac borough and majority of them use our services in non warranty and warranty period.

We are accredited for services of many renowned gear manufacturers such as Buderus, Vaillant, Bosch

It is of great importance that our clients are satisfied using their systems of heating and air conditioning.

Industrial facilities

Within industrial facilities we have developed capacities to project and carry out the installation of the equipment and installations in various kinds of industrial and heating plant. In a recent ten years some projects dealing with hot-water, boiling-water and steam heating plant having total power of over 250KW, were realized successfully.

We have also done projects in the halls of total amount of 70.000 square meters.

Our clients are offered quality, top solutions, and top gear. We guarantee reliable procedure and quality services.