Hot water boiler plant • New heating plant Senta

Hot water boiler plant • New heating plant Senta

In cooperation with the companies Termomont and GasTeh, we have successfully implemented a turnkey project for the construction of a new heating plant in Senta.

The part of the project carried out by CIRA doo related to the delivery and installation of the primary part of the boiler room, including the hydraulic switch.

We also delivered and installed two hot water three-flow boilers.

Power 2 x 7 MW with integrated economizers, Weishaupt burners, boiler circulation pumps, three-way mixing valves.

As well as with the complete armature together with the pipelines to the hydraulic switch.


Also, as part of the boiler plant, we delivered and installed a steel supporting structure and two double-wall stainless steel chimneys with a diameter of 700 mm and a height of 12 m each, manufactured by Jeremias.


J.K.P. Toplana Senta


October 2018 – February 2019