Why are we a good choice for you?

Commitment to projects with full commitment of all resources.

We invest all available resources in the project. We are always looking for the best and highest quality solutions, although sometimes this requires additional engagement and additional resources.
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Miodrag Ćirić

Osnivač i direktor

Aleksandar Ćirić

Izvršni direktor

Nikola Ćirić

Direktor operacija

Company history

The company CIRA d.o.o. was founded in 2003 and is the legal successor of the independent craft shop ‘Ćira heating’, founded in 1986. The shop was then founded by the current owner, Miodrag Ćirić.

Before founding the shop, Miodrag Ćirić spent 18 years in the Federal Republic of Germany, where he was a leading fitter in the company “DS Heizungstechnik” from Rastatt. In 1985, he returned to Serbia and the following year founded SZR “Ćira heating”.

In the beginning, the company had three employees, and as it developed, the number of employees continuously increased. The company experienced real expansion in 2003, when it hired its first thermotechnic engineer. Emphasis was then placed on technical and commercial personnel, with the aim of modernizing operations, technical support and analysis and monitoring of market needs.

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Company today

We have more than 25 employees, 12 of whom are trained fitters and 3 graduated engineers with construction and design licenses. We also have a management team that oversees and runs the business. The backbone of the company is made up of employees with experience ranging from 10 to 20 years of work in the company, which is an indicator of stability, progress and care for employees.

Where will we see you in the future?

By implementing new technologies, we contribute to the progressive development of the industry. We design the most complex industrial systems and are thus the first choice in the Republic of Serbia for innovative, high-quality and efficient mechanical and thermotechnical solutions. Following world trends in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, we introduce circular economy standards into the business and development of companies.

We see ourselves as a company that improves existing techniques and skills in the execution of works. We will continue to invest in new technologies.

Our goal is to keep up with the development of technologies with the use of new and modern tools, machines, vehicles and auxiliary tools. In addition to this, we are planning to build a plant for the production of electricity, a cogeneration plant with gas, biomass or biogas as the primary fuel.

Also, one of our goals is to expand and improve the engineering-contractor staff and follow the development of new products in our industry, and to apply them.



High-quality, efficient and innovative solutions of thermotechnical and mechanical installations according to the "turnkey" principle.

A vision

The first choice
of progressive industry
in the Republic of Serbia.

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Industrial systems

We design and install equipment and installations.

Commercial facilities

Modern and energy-efficient thermotechnical solutions.

Residential buildings

A large selection of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.