About us

CIRA Ltd deals with designing and construction of all sorts of mechanical heating and air conditioning installations. Besides this, our company is dealing with selling heating gear  and air conditioning. Servicing thermo technical systems is a very important part. We are licensed repairers of boilers and gear manufactured by Vaillant, Baxi, Buderus, Bosch

Company history

Company CIRA Ltd was founded in 21.05. 2003. and represents the legal successor of Independent shop -Cira heating, founded in 1986. The shop was founded by actual owner Miodrag Ciric.

Before founding the shop Miodrag Ciric spent 18 years in Germany working as a leading fitter in the company. He comes back in Serbia in 1985 and he founds SZR CIRA GREJANJE the next year.

There were three employees at the beginning. Real expanding occurred in 2003 when the first thermodynamic engineer was engaged. The stress was put on the technical and commercial employees in order to modernize the business, technical support and analyze the market.

Cira Ltd today

There are 35 employees in CIRA Ltd today – 12 fitters, 4 licensed graduated engineers for projecting and field works. it is important to emphasize that the experienced employees are the core of the company, having more than 10 years of experience, some of them more than 20 years in our company.

Today CIRA Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of heat pipe, hot water and steam boiler plants and industrial installations.

The quality of our services is confirmed by our certificates.

Starting with 10th of November we are certificated in accordance with Management system quality SRPS ISO 9001:2008, and Environment protection SRPS ISO 14001:2004and The management system of health protection and security SRPS ISO 18001:2007.