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One of the services we provide is the performance of mechanical and thermotechnical installation works. In this blog post, we write what exactly this service entails.

⚙️ Execution of works is the phase of the project when the work is carried out, and everything that is in the project plan is put into action.

⚙️ Scheduling and project planning are just the beginning. Most of the time and work of the project is during its execution. That’s why execution in project management is crucial.

⚙️ Project management includes 4 phases:
1. launch; 2. planning; 3. execution; 4. closure.

⚙️ The execution phase of the project is when the work is completed. Task owners start work, and the project manager oversees that those tasks are completed on time, while the workflow continues smoothly.

⚙️ Project monitoring and control is an important part of this phase, as problems will always arise and require quick adjustments as the project progresses.

We lead the entire process of work execution with precisely defined steps in order to successfully implement the project itself.👷

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Industrial systems

We design and install equipment and installations.

Commercial facilities

Modern and energy-efficient thermotechnical solutions.

Residential buildings

A large selection of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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