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Safety at Work

What is safety at work and why is it important? Read below what indicates the danger at work.

⚙️ Safety at work is a set of measures that are implemented to prevent the impact of harmful factors of the work process or work environment on the health of workers. Safety at work is an integral part of the health protection of working people.

⚙️ Harmful factors can be physical, chemical, biological and psychological (for example, physical and mental effort, noise, vibrations, radiation). Danger is the property of some work process or environment that can cause damage to health, and risk is the probability that in some work process or environment there is a possible danger of injury or the development of disease.

⚙️ Assessing the risk of health damage includes determining the relationship between the level of exposure to a harmful factor and the severity of pathological changes. On the basis of such an assessment, legal regulations are adopted. Hazard assessment determines the level of risk for work injuries, occupational diseases and work-related diseases. 👷

That is why it is important that we all take care of personal protection and the protection of the whole team. Let’s avoid difficult situations and deal with challenges in our own way. ✅

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