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Machine installations

In this blog, we write about mechanical installations, that is, installations that we perform and design for clients.

What is a mechanical installation and what is it for?

⚙️ Mechanical installation is a set of constructions and components that make up the structure of internal systems. Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering activity in the area.

⚙️ Each facility must have water, heating or cooling, a quality ventilation system and drainage. Therefore, mechanical installations are a key factor in maintaining a suitable living space.

⚙️ The implementation of each more complex project is carried out in stages, in order to gradually, on time and correctly install all the planned systems. Consequently, it is necessary to consult with experts in this field as early as possible. He will overestimate what is the ideal solution for you and will make a plan for machine installations.

⚙️ In the first phase of the works, distribution pipes, connections and devices for electricity, water supply, sewage, heating and ventilation installations are installed. Then comes the second phase, in which the technicians adjust and test everything.

⚙️ Designing machine installations and consulting engineers who work take into account the following points:
• Compliance with advanced technology • Ease of installation
• Comfortable conditions • Functionality • Reliability • Power
• Ease of use and maintenance • Energy saving

⚙️ There are many programs used in the mechanical installation sector, and these are some of them:
• AutoCAD • ZVCAD • Microstation • Microsoft Excel • MagiCAD
• Omnicad • AKS3000 • Carrier Hap • MTH.

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