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Open position for storekeeper

✔️ In accordance with the increase in the volume of business, we are looking for a warehouseman.
➡️ Work experience is not necessary. ➡️ Necessary qualifications: minimum III degree of professional education and knowledge of computer work (knowledge of work in Excel and Word).
➡️ If you are communicative, organized, polite, precise and accurate in your work, apply and become part of the team.
✅ The warehouse worker works on receiving, sorting, packing, issuing, managing inventory and keeping the warehouse tidy.
✅ The working conditions include the provision of HT3 equipment and a hot meal, and in the month of December, the payment of holiday bonuses.
✅ We offer a stable job, the possibility of advancement and regular earnings.
✅ We believe that applied knowledge is power and that it is the key competitive advantage of every individual company.
We understand that the process of adopting and applying new business knowledge requires hours of time, continuous work, a lot of patience and that there are no quick shortcuts. This is exactly why we will support you to become our colleague. Through continuous education and training, with great conditions at the workplace. We are with you during the entire process of getting to know the job and the working environment.
✔️ Along with progress in achieving business results comes an increase in salary. Join our team.
We thank all candidates for their interest in employment in our company. 🙂
ℹ️ You will receive all other information during the interview. ℹ️

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